Ballet Academy Luzern

leading ballet and dance school in Central Switzerland

Dance is great!

We enrich the lives of our students through dance and promote their confidence, artistic expression and health . We offer recreational, empowerment and education programs so that everyone can learn and enjoy the benefits of dance.


Our Goal

  • Encourage and develop the love and passion for dance
  • Provide a caring and positive learning environment
  • Promote the benefits of dance and a healthy lifestyle
  • Give students musicality, artistic expression, individuality and confidence, and precision technique
  • Provide opportunities for our students to perform in professional theaters
  • Offer assessments by the Royal Academy of Dance
  • Provide state-of-the-art dance studios and facilities

We lead with a highly motivated, committed and qualified team.


Our Advantage

★  At the Ballet Academy Lucerne every student is an individual, we offer every student the opportunity to grow, learn and develop.

★ The teaching team of the Ballet Academy Lucerne has professional dance experience and recognized teaching qualifications. They regularly take part in dance teacher seminars and are leaders in modern teaching and dance practice.

★  Our studios are state-of-the-art and offer the ideal learning environment. We are the only dance school in Lucerne that offers Harlequin dance floors. These ensure proper cushioning, rebound and traction during training and ensure the healthy development of the dancer's muscles and joints.


Dance is a wonderful hobby that everyone can enjoy. For some, the dream of dancing as a job can become a reality.


RAD Exam Success

100% Erfolgsquote

Exam01 - Kopie


Graduates of the stage dance program have been accepted into top institutions and dance companies in CH/UK/EU/USA, which have achieved international careers as professional dancers, teachers, dance school directors and choreographers.


Last Competition Successes

2021 Swiss Jazzdance Competition

★ Solo Jazz & Modern, A- Class, 1. Rang Champion
★ 2 x Top 10 Finalists

2020 Swiss Jazzdance Cup

★ Kids Show Dance Group 1. Rang
★ Junior Show Dance Group 2. Rang
★ Kids Jazzdance 3. Rang
★ Junior Jazzdance 2. Rang

2019 Swiss Jazzdance Cup

★ Kids Show Dance Group 2. Rang
★ Kids Jazzdance Group 3. Rang
★ Junior Jazz Dance Group 2. Rang
★ Junior Modern Dance Group 2. Rang
★ Junior Show Dance Group 2. Rang
★ A-Klasse Erwachsene, 2. Rang
★ 2 x Gewinner Schweizermeisterschaften Duo & Solo Modern & Showdance
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