Performing Arts and Sport Program

Enabling A Double Education For Young Talented Dancers
Ballet, Dance, Musical Theatre

The path to excellence in performing arts education

Education takes time the development of the Performing Arts to the highest level also.

In collaboration with our Arts & Sport (K&S) partner schools talented dancers are able to pursue their goals in both dance/performing arts and academics to the highest levels.

The combination offers individual flexibility together with a balance of both educational and dance/performing arts studies for talented youth, enabling the best possible prospects optimising the promotion of young talent for future success.

Performing Arts and Sport Program We offer K&S programs starting from secondary school year 7 through to Matriculation.

The programs are supported by Danse Suisse and the cantonal education department.

Interested students are advised to register with the management of the Ballet Academy at least 18 months prior to the entrance examination. Their suitability will be assessed during the Danse Suisse Talent Scouting Days (registration deadline is in December of the year before the exam, which takes place in March).

Students who wish to join K&S from secondary school level 1 need to commence with a preparatory training plan from the 5th and 6th primary school levels.

K&S Secondary I

  • Sport School
    Grades 7 - 9 (3 years)

Award: At the successful completion of year 9 students are awarded with the Junior Diploma in Dance & Performing Arts.

K&S Secondary II

  • Talent School KV EFZ (4 years)
    Entry after completion of grade 9 Sek I or grade 3 Gymnasium.
  • K&S Classes Cantonal Gymnasium grades 3-7 (5 year program)
    Entry possible after the 2nd or 3rd grade of secondary school.
  • International IGSCES & A Levels
    (University Entrance 2-4 years)
    Entry after completion of the 9th grade Sek or 3rd grade Gymnasium.

Award: At the successful completion of Sek II levels students are awarded with the Pre Professional Diploma in Dance & Performing Arts.

Intensive Training

Immerse yourself in the world of dance with over 10 hours of training per week.

Course Contents

  • Ballet & Classical Dance
  • Contemporary/Modern Dance
  • Jazz & Modern Dance
  • Character Dance/Folklore
  • Musical Theatre (Singing, Acting, and Tap Dance)
  • Acrobatics & Conditioning
  • Stage Performance

Graduation Goal

Entry into a Professional Diploma/Bachelor of Arts program at a university/institute with a view to a career in the industry.


Royal Academy of Dance &
Rambert Awards

Students may take Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Rambert modern dance assessments gaining internationally recognized vocational qualifications, assisting entry into dance dance programs and dance pedagogy courses at university.

Training Intensity: 10 - 15 training hours per week.

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Musical Kunst und Sport
Musical Kunst und Sport


Unleash your potential and embark on an extraordinary journey to the pinnacle of dance and performing arts. Join our esteemed program and experience the perfect blend of intensive training, holistic education, and boundless opportunities.


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