5 - 7 years


Dance is a part of us all, people have danced since the beginning of time. We dance for joy to celebrate, to communicate and to express life. Today dance is respected as a sport and art form.

Pre Ballet

5 - 7 years

RAD Level: Pre-Primary In Dance & Primary In Dance

The first basics and techniques are developed for the dance. Children's natural movement skills are nurtured with age-appropriate fantasy themes and music. Students are encouraged to express themselves through movement, dance and pantomime to express.

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Jazz, Modern, Acro

Kinder, 5 - 7 Years

Jazz, Modern is a dynamic and fun dance class. It's a great way to develop dance technique and flexibility while building confidence and fitness. We fathom all styles of jazz & amp; Modern dance and incorporate acro dance.


Inspired? Book at taster class with us!

Minis and Adults try out classes can be booked regularly throughout the school year.

Try out classes for children and youth ages 5 and over are organized on specified dates, the next dates are: 21st of June - 09: July

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