Price List

Here you can find our price list for the school year 2019/2020

Classes - general

Lessons Fees per semester
60 minutes CHF 415
75 minutes CHF 520
Family discount 10%

Dance Program

Enjoy dance as your hobby and attend two or three courses a week. Choose:

Ballet Hip Hop & Urban Dance
Jazz & Modern Musical
Acrobatics & Jazz Contemporary


Classes per week Fees per semester
2 classes CHF 710
3 classes CHF 1'060

Advancement Programmes

We offer specialized advancement programmes for motivated students from the age of 7 and up who love dancing and want to participate in several classes per week.

Classical Ballet - Petite Etoile

2-3 Ballet classes per week Stretch & Acrobatics
Petite Etoile Advancement Class Total 4-5 classes per week

Talent Advancement Program

Dedicated & motivated students can create their own personal training program, 4 - 8 classes, to further develop their talent.

Ballet Contemporary
Jazz & Modern Hip Hop & Urban Dance
Stretch & Acrobatics Musical

Prerequisite is at least one ballet class per week to develop a good basic technique!

Classes per week Fees per semester
4 classes CHF 1'350
5 classes CHF 1'650
6 classes CHF 1'950
7 classes CHF 2'250
8 classes CHF 2'550

Diplomas in Performance

Junior Diploma in Performance

Age: from 11 - 12 years

Diploma in Performance

Age: from 15 - 16 years, pre-professional leval

Classes per week Fees per semester
9 classes CHF 2'750
10 classes CHF 2'900

Sportschule Kriens & Freis Talents School / EFZ KV

For information, consultation and fees please contact us.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be booked for exam and competition preparation in ballet, show dance, and jazz/modern and singing.

45 minutes CHF 90
60 minutes CHF 120