The Ballet Academy Lucerne offers courses for all ages and levels, from classical ballet, contemporary, jazz dance, modern dance, musical theatre, show dance, hip hop and urban dance and acrobatics. We offer our students top-class courses of study - from the age of one till 20 years.

Pre-Schoolers (1 to 4 years)

Our specialised programme, Sunshine Baby & Kids introduces small children to the joy of dance and movement.

A flexible range of classes are available.

Children (5 to 8 years)

The first basics and techniques will be developed for dance. The natural movement abilities of the children are developed with age-appropriate fantasy themes and music in a nurturing way. Students are encouraged to express themselves through movement, dance and creativity.

Juniors (8 to 11 years)

These classes provide a solid technical basis for dance. Students learn both barre and centre work, correct posture and balance, jumps, artistry and various creative dance combinations are practiced in a motivating environment. Students commence more detailed sequences with choreography in the different styles of dance.

Teens (from 11 years)

Classical Ballet students learn the art of dancing "En Pointe". Dance students are challenged with advanced techniques that develop flow of movement, precision, energy and artistic expression. The dancer becomes both an artist and an athlete.

Youth (from 14 years)

Students are challenged with technique and sequences that develop flow of movement, precision, energy and artistic expression in dance. The dancer becomes both an artist and athlete. Classical students further develop skills in pointe work and repertoire.

Youths & Adults

Have you dreamed of learning ballet, but haven't you had a chance? You can start ballet at any age. This is the perfect course to experience the beauty ballet and make progress.

Privat Lessons

Private lessons can be very helpful in preparing for exams, learning a new level, improving your technique or generally enhancing skills. They can also be booked for the choreography and training of the competition routine, for the preparation for audition/ auditions or for a professional consultation.