Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet offers the basic technique required for all dance styles, a dancer with a strong classical technique can be successful in all dance styles. The study of classical ballet also develops a good and respectable posture, self-confidence and personality.

Pre-Ballet & Dance

RAD Level: Pre-Primary In Dance & Primary In Dance
Age: 5 to 7 years

The first foundations and technique are developed for dance. Children’s natural movement abilities are developed in a nurturing way with age appropriate fantasy themes and music. Students are encouraged to express themselves though movement, dance and mime.

Junior Ballet

RAD Level: Grades I – V
Age: 7+ year

Students acquire a strong base of technique with flow of movement, energy and artistic expression. Barre work, correct posture, balance & control (Adage), jumps (Allegro), arms (port de bras) & national character dance are studied with creative combinations and dances in these enjoyable and stimulating classes.

Intermediate & Advanced Ballet

Pre-Professional Vocational
RAD: Intermediate, Advanced / Higher Grades & Discovering Repertoire
Age: 11+ years

The students learn the art of dancing 'En Pointe' and develop with advanced ballet techniques flow of movement, precision, energy and artistic expression. The dancer becomes both an artist and an athlete.

Beginners Ballet

Youths & Adults

We offer ballet classes for young people and adults who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of classical ballet in their free time. These classes offer good basic technique and creative combinations for beginners (A) and intermediate (M) levels.

Timetable Classical Ballet 2019/20