Courses for Youth (from 14 years)

Dance is a part of all of us, since the beginning of time people have been dancing. We dance with joy to celebrate, to communicate and to express life. We offer a wide range of classes for young dance enthusiasts

Classical Ballet

RAD Level: IV – V & Higher Grades VI - VIII

The students acquire a strong foundation in technique with flow of movement, energy and artistic expression. Ballet barre exercises, correct posture, balance & control (Adage), jumps (Allegro), arms (Port de bras) & local character dance are taught with creative combinations and dances in these entertaining and stimulating classes.

Intermediate & Advanced Ballet

Pre-Professional - Vocational
RAD: Intermediate, Advanced / Higher Grades & Discovering Repertoire
Ages: 14+ years

The students learn the art of dancing 'En Pointe' and develop with advanced ballet techniques flow of movement, precision, energy and artistic expression. The dancer becomes both an artist and an athlete.


Contemporary dance is the original modern dance that has developed with modern trends since the middle of the 20th century. Today, contemporary dance is as prominent in the "professional world" as classical ballet and is performed worldwide by a wide variety of professional dance companies.

Jazz, Modern & Acro

Jazz & Modern is a dynamic and entertaining dance class. It is a great way to develop dance technique and flexibility, while building self-confidence and fitness. We explore all styles of Jazz & Modern from Theatre Jazz, the traditional Broadway style jazz dance, to more contemporary jazz and modern style influenced by pop music and other popular trends.

Hip Hop & Urban Dance

A dynamic and cool class full of energy. Hip Hop started in the 70's in the streets of the Bronx in New York. From 'Old School Hip Hop' to 'Middle School' and 'New School'. Hip Hop & Urban describe a variety of constantly evolving street dance styles, but also popping and locking, Krump, B-Dance (Break Dance), Electro Dance, Vogue, House and Funk.

Stretch & Acrobatics

This is a great class for dancers who want to develop their physical skills. The focus is on increasing flexibility, balance, strength and correct posture. With the help of acrobatics mats, yoga blocks, Thera bands, flexible bands, rolls and balls they learn to stretch properly and to do acrobatics.

Petite Etoile

Motivated students who attend at least two ballet classes per week are invited to develop their skills in our classes. Here students can work on their skills at a higher level and in a focused environment on technique and style.

Musical Theater Youth

Musical Theatre combines songs, spoken dialogue, drama, movement and dance. In this creative class, students focus on Broadway and West End musicals. In addition to correct vocal technique and dramatic abilities, our students also strengthen their self-confidence. Musical Theatre classes are complementary classes to classical dance.