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Urban Dance

Hip Hop began in the 70s in the streets of the Bronx in New York. From 'Old School Hip Hop' to 'Middle School' and 'New School'. Urban describes a variety of constantly evolving street dance styles. JFH (Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop) is the style from Hip Hop or Urban Dance we currently see in Pop and RnB Top Videoclips & MTV.

Urban Dance Kids Jugendliche Luzern Hip Hop Street Dance

Urban Dance

Be in the place for Urban dance culture in Luzern!

Our Urban Dance courses are led by our partner school from Zürich. Live Hip Hop, breaking, Locking, House, Popping, Social Dance, Cyper, Freestyle & Battles with the coolest artists and coaches direct from the leading dance school for urban dance culture.

Timetable Urban Dance 2019-2020