Ballet Academy Luzern

The Ballet Academy Luzern is the leading ballet and dance school in Lucerne and Central Switzerland. We offer recreational, advancement and pre-professional programmes so that everyone can learn and enjoy the advantages of dancing..

About us

Dance is a part of us all, since the beginning of time people have danced. We dance for joy, to celebrate, to communicate and to express life. Ballet is studied all over the world, has formed new dance forms and is respected sport and art form.

The Ballet Academy Lucerne is conveniently located just minutes form Lucerne city in Kriens with modern facilities and a faculty of dedicated and qualified teachers. The academy is performance orientated offering student’s opportunities to perform on stage each year in spectacular performances.

Our Mission: To provide a quality dance education promoting the art of dance in a positive and encouraging environment.

Philosophy: “To dance is something wonderful”, we strive to enrich our students lives through dance, promoting confidence, self-esteem, artistic expression and health.

Our Goals

  • Nurture and develop a student’s love and passion for dance
  • Provide a caring and positive learning environment
  • Promote the benefits of dance and a heathy lifestyle
  • Train students to have precision technique, strength, musicality, artistry, individuality and confidence
  • Create opportunities for our students to perform to live audiences in professional theatres
  • Offer assessments through the Royal Academy of Dance
  • Provide modern training facilities and equipment
  • Lead with a motivated, dedicated and qualified teaching faculty

Advantages of Learning at the Ballet Academy

At the Ballet Academy Lucerne every student is an individual, we offer each of our students the opportunity to grow, learn and develop. We want all our students thrive and love learning to dance.

Our team of teachers at the Lucerne Ballet Academy have professional dance experience, accreditation and recognised teaching qualifications. They regularly take part in dance teacher seminars and are leaders in modern teaching and dance practice. Students are in the best hands.

Our state-of-the-art studios offer the optimal learning environment. We are the only dance school in Lucerne that offers Harlequin sprung dance floors. These guarantee the correct absorption, rebound and traction during training and ensure the healthy development of the dancer's muscles and joints, thus enabling injury prevention.


Dance is a wonderful hobby that everyone can enjoy. For some, the dream of dancing as a profession can become reality.

RAD exam success:
100% success rate

Competition Success:

  • 2018 4th Place World Olympiad Shoe Dance Duo
  • 2018 2ns Place National Cup Jazz Modern Duo
  • 2018 2 x Winner Swiss Championships Duo Division
  • 2018 2 x Contemporary & Show Dance Solo & Duos World Cup Qualification Switerland/Germany
  • 2017 3 x Winners Swiss Championships in Jazz, Modern & Show Dance
  • 2016 3 x Winners of Swiss Championships in Jazz, Modern & Show Dance
  • 2016 2nd place National Jazz Cup Solo Division

Graduates of the Performance Diploma Program are admitted into top institutions and dance companies in CH/UK/EU/USA. Many have achieved international careers as professional dancers, teachers, dance school directors and choreographers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any further questions? Contact us for a personal consultation.

Dance is a wonderful art form and sport that promotes a positive self-image and a healthy lifestyle. By choosing dance, you give your child a gift to build a strong and healthy body and mind. This can positively influence all other aspects of their life.

It is scientifically proven that when you dance, the combination of music, movement and creativity releases more endorphins that are responsible for feeling good than any other sport, it increases mental sharpness and improves cognitive abilities.

With correct training you child will develop good posture, correct body alignment, poise and grace. Dancing will increase flexibility, fitness, improve coordination and concentration. Children gain confidence, self- discipline as well as respect for their peers and teachers. Our group classes will assist with team work and offer a friendly social environment. Most importantly self-expression will be learnt through the most beautiful of all the arts.

At the Ballet Academy Lucerne every student is an individual, we offer each student the opportunity to grow, learn and develop. We want all our students to prosper and love learning to dance.

The teachers of the Ballet Academy Lucerne hold professional experience as well as recognised dance & teaching qualifications. They participle in regular dance teacher seminars, they are at the forefront in teaching and dance training practices. Students are in the very best of hands.

Our studios are state of the art providing the optimal environment to learn. We are the only dance school in Luzern providing the correct sprung dance floors from the world leader in dance floors, Harlequin which ensure the correct levels of shock absorption, rebound and traction when training. This is vital to the healthy development of dancer’s muscles and joints, providing injury prevention.

Our preschool department Sunshine Baby & Kids offers the classes Mini Movers and Mini Ballerinas which all offer a fun filled introduction to dance, movement, music and singing in an energetic and social environment created especially for them. We offer classes together with a parent/carer or independently with the teacher.

Formal classes can start from around age 5 - 6 years but it is also possible to start later and make great progress with recreational, hobby as well as more intensive pre-professional programmes to choose from. Our programmes consist of a specialised curriculum which is age appropriate and challenges students at each level.

Young dancers are always enthusiastic about beginning dancing “En Pointe”. If a child has had correct ballet training, they can begin pointe work between the ages of 10 to 12. Realistically to prepare the body and muscles correctly, students from 8 years need to take a minimum of two ballet classes per week for two or more years to be considered to commence pointe work under the guidance of a trained professional.

Combines the understanding of the correct way in which to warm up the body before the technical sections of class, understanding how to work in harmony with our bodies once warm and to stretch them at the end of class. Hydration during exercise is also an important element along with injury prevention.